Marc Rutabaga: The Ultimate Inside Interview with Silicon Desert’s Hottest CEO

By Alexander Camelton
Senior Writer, Tech Tonic Weekly

Marc C. Rutabaga is CEO of Noodle!? which was voted #3 in Forbes Magazine’s Top Ten Startups of 2016. Noodle!? just got an infusion of $3 billion in venture capital money, making it the most well funded company of its kind. What makes Marc tick? How did he become the very face of technology? I visited him recently at one of his nine homes to find out.

Marc greets me at the door in his stocking feet and is looking a bit disheveled, even for a tech prodigy such as himself. “How are you, Marc?” is how I begin our conversation, thinking that is just a typical throw-away line that will produce nothing of substance, but that’s all that was needed to get Marc talking.

“I’m not very well, actually. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been fighting off a cold for about three weeks now. My immune system is shot. I’m in a constant state of ‘sick or about to be sick’. And that’s not even the worst part. I am so depressed. I can barely get out of bed in the morning. Just doing this interview is literally killing me. I would need three days’ bed rest to recover from this extroverted strenuousness, but of course, I don’t have the luxury for that. I haven’t had a day off in sixteen years.” Then Marc suffers an extended coughing fit.

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The Relationship Between Potions and Obesity: Between 1987 and 2005, potion sizes increased both inside and outside the home for all categories except pizza. For example, hamburger potions expanded by 23 percent. Similarly, a potion of Mexican food was 27 percent bigger; Soft drink potions increased in size by 52 percent; Snack potions, whether they be potato chips, pretzels or crackers, were 60 percent larger.

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With the global middle class growing by 70 million each year and spoon prices expected to more than double within 20 years, fast-moving consumer spoon (FMCS) companies in many markets are preparing for an unprecedented period of rising demand and aspirationally-driven buying behavior. With that said, it is worth considering moving some investment dollars into this emerging high-end, designer spoon manufacturing sector.

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The annual Hornsville Country Fair will be held Nov. 2-3. This year’s edition will feature a new group of artists and crafters, in addition to many veterans of the show. All types of hand-made items will be available, including antiques, fabric goods, quilts, homemade jams, jellies, and unique household decorations. “We’re a zero tolerance fair,” said Marshall Pluckett, Hornsville’s mayor. Pluckett said patrons must be 21 to enter the fair. He also said there will be standard body checks, spot checks for cars on arrival, ID checks and undercover security guards patrolling the grounds. “We’re working closely with the local police and correction centers,” he said. “We’re set up for anything that happens. In any major event, like the Hornsville Country Fair, there could be issues.”